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Moe Baddourah'Rosewood-Shandon drainage plan



I recently proposed and helped pass a Flooding Prevention Plan which includes extensive storm drainage upgrades in our area. The largest of the projects is an overhaul of the Shandon-Rosewood drainage system known as “Shandon Phase 2”. Engineers expect to have a final design ready for public review by this fall.

Click here for a map of the project area.

Also, major improvements to the Old Shandon (Queen Street) drainage system are currently in the design stage. And several projects are in the planning stage, including drainage upgrades at: Gervais Street north of Five Points; the Rocky Branch watershed; the intersection of Catawba and Sumter streets; the intersection of Whaley and Main streets; and Whaley Street at the railroad tracks. A Rocky Branch stream restoration and a Gills Creek debris cleanup are also in the planning stage..