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Six firm commitments

from Moe Baddourah to you

1. I’ll always listen to you.  As your councilman, I’ve strived to listen closely to your views, ideas and concerns. I’ve held community meetings, remained easily accessible, and returned every call I’ve received. And I’ve recently begun using issue surveys to solicit your input. I’ll continue to seek your input, because it allows me to do the best job possible serving you.

2. Public safety will remain my highest priority.  I'll keep fighting to put law enforcement front and center, so our police department’s pressing needs no longer take a back seat to less critical issues. And I'll continue pushing for more police officers and increased patrols in neighborhoods. We must ensure our police officers have the resources and support they need to deter crime. And we must deal with crime issues openly and directly, rather than sweeping them under the rug.

3. I’ll continue to push for the changes needed to move our city forward.  I'm proud to have led the successful effort to end city council’s most harmful practice -- the annual diverting of millions in water & sewer fee money away from needed sewer repairs. And I remain committed to bringing about the changes necessary to make Columbia the best city it can be.

4. I’ll always put our community’s interests first. I’ll remain an independent voice, free from the influence of politicians and special interests... and free to put our community’s needs ahead of all else. I'll never be afraid to stand up for the views of those I serve.

5. I’ll devote my time and energy to the issues that matter most...  such as better storm drainage to alleviate flooding... well-planned growth to protect neighborhoods’ quality of life...  clean waterways, including clean-ups and restoration projects... improved traffic safety... smarter economic development policies... and most importantly, reducing crime. 

6. No one will work harder than I will to serve you well.  I don’t have all the answers to the challenges we face... but I do know how to work hard to get things done and find solutions to problems. I’ll continue to work hard -- every single day -- to provide the kind of dedicated, hands-on public service you deserve. I’ll dedicate myself to being the very best city councilman possible for our community.