Citizens Committee for Moe Baddourah  -  2005 Greene St., Columbia SC 29205

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Ask your friends and neighbors

why they're for Moe Baddourah

Eunice Beard.jpg

“He does a good job for us. His constituent service is second-to-none. And I like that he's keeping his campaign totally positive. That says a lot.”

Eunice Beard

Patrick E Watson.JPG

“I like his business fee reform plan. That will improve funding for services and protect the taxpayers. That’s the kind of common-sense thinking we need.”

Patrick Watson


“You can tell he cares by how hard he works. I’ve never seen a harder worker. When we have someone this hard-working, we should keep him.”

Sandy Hyatt

Jamie Scott2.jpg

“He’s an independent voice for us. He puts his constituents first. And I don’t think anybody is more dedicated to improving our community.”

Jamie Scott

Jennifer Crouse.jpg

“Moe has gotten results. I especially like that we’re getting storm drainage improvements. I just think he’s done an outstanding job.”

Jennifer Crouse


“They’re all fine candidates, but Moe is the candidate with experience. It’s critical to have someone with experience.”

Libby Gober

Jason Edens.jpg

"We have absolutely got to have somebody that will fight for change. And that's exactly what Moe has done. He's pushing for reforms to improve city government."

Jason Edens


“Moe stands up for us. I feel like he looks out for regular folks. He’s not a typical politician. He’s not part of the political crowd.”

Walter Marks


“I know Moe works hard. I can call on him, I can reach him and he will get results quickly.”

Jane Downey

JohnAdams - SMALLER.jpg

“Moe ended the water and sewer transfers. That’s huge. People said he couldn’t do it, but he did. He fights for badly-needed reforms.”

John Adams

Moe and Andy pic 1 - SMALLER.jpg

“I’ve seen first-hand Moe’s commitment to making our area a better place. He’s enthusiastic about serving his neighbors. He really cares.”

Andy Shlon

Nicole Beard.jpg

“Moe works hard, and he listens. I like that he asks our opinions. He makes me feel like my input is important.”

Nicole Swords

Jennifer Suber.jpg

“His experience makes him the best choice. And as a businessman, he has a perspective that’s needed on city council.”

Jennifer Suber


“Moe is a refreshing change from politics as usual. And he’s a
tireless worker.”

Merida Trask