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Seven reasons Moe Baddourah is

our best choice for City Council


1. Moe works hard for us. Moe is known for hard work and tireless constituent service. He puts in long hours to ensure our district is well-served, and he dedicates himself to being the best councilman possible for us. Very few public officials work as hard as Moe Baddourah!

2. Experience makes a BIG difference. More than anything else, it takes experience to get things done on city council. All of the candidates are fine people, but Moe’s experience makes him the clear choice to get results for us.

3. He’s fighting for badly-needed changes to move our city forward. Moe led the fight for the most important city reform in decades: water and sewer reform, which ended nearly 20 years of treating our water and sewer fee dollars as a “slush fund.” And he remains committed to bringing about the changes needed to improve city
government and create a better, brighter future for Columbia.

4. Moe listens to us. He holds community meetings, remains easily accessible, and returns our calls. He seeks our opinions and suggestions, because our input allows him to do a good job as our councilman.  And he stands up for us. He doesn’t buckle to political pressure. He stands up for our views and puts our interests first -- always.

5. Public safety is Moe’s highest priority... and he wants to make it the top priority of city government. He’s committed to ensuring our police have the resources they need to keep us safe, and he’s an advocate for hiring more police officers and increasing patrols in neighborhoods.

6. He focuses on the issues that matter most. He’s a strong, unwavering supporter of public safety. His recently-passed storm drainage plan will mean major drainage improvements for our area. He recently helped secure traffic safety improvements in Rosewood and on Millwood Avenue. He’s working to protect neighborhoods from unplanned growth...promote smarter economic development... and implement reforms to improve city government.

7. He cares about our future. Moe’s only objective is to make a positive difference for the community he loves. He has immense pride in our community, he cares about our future, and he genuinely enjoys serving us.